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Business loans for doctors and medical business loans

Business loans for doctors and medical business loans

Get the medical practice financing you need to grow and thrive.

Medical businesses face many challenges…



The government and the insurance companies bury you in paperwork.



It’s not easy or inexpensive to fill your calendar with patients.



Patients expect modern treatments with modern technology.



Many pharmacies now provide basic preventive services at low cost.

Amerifi helps entrepreneurial doctors and healthcare professionals like you

with a range of medical practice loans for healthcare professionals: doctors, dentists, chiropractors, hospitals, and other medical and healthcare businesses. We can address your business financing needs so you can focus on bigger challenges.

It’s not easy to be a healthcare entrepreneur.

You can’t even get started without a ton of education, and medical school weighs most graduates down with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

Once you’re ready to practice, or develop new treatments, or create new technology -- there are many ways to approach healthcare entrepreneurship -- you’ll inevitably need to put a lot of capital into your business to get things off the ground.

If you’re starting a new practice or opening a dentist’s office, you’ll need to let local residents know you’re there, and you’ll have to stand out from many other practices in the same area.

Some practices send out a ton of flyers. Others buy space on billboards. You might try to partner with complementary medical offices, offer referral bonuses, or push for a strong rating on one of the many provider-rating platforms out there today. If you’re starting a med-tech or product-focused medical business, your need for visibility can be even greater.

For many healthcare businesses, the difference between thriving and surviving often comes down to the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

This has become more important in recent years as retail healthcare providers like CVS, Walgreens, and other major pharmacy chains roll out low cost walk-in services such as flu shots, vaccinations, and basic wellness exams.

But you’ll need equipment before you run any marketing, because you won’t be able to serve new patients if you don’t have properly equipped office space.

The modern medical practice is highly tech-driven, and you’ll need plenty of new or improved devices, tools, systems, and machines all humming along to keep your staff informed and your patients healthy. Specialized healthcare equipment, whether it’s a CT scanner or a dentist’s chair, doesn’t come cheap.

On top of equipment and marketing, you’ve also got to consider the regulatory requirements for your business.

Healthcare is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world, because you're quite often taking responsibility for people’s lives.

Recordkeeping, compliance, insurance filings, HIPAA, Medicare, the FDA, the DEA, and other various acronyms and agencies will keep you busy checking boxes and filing paperwork.

You need staff to handle all of these requirements, and proper software and systems to manage your records.

Hiring well-qualified staff, such as office administrators, nurses, assistants, and other medical practitioners, is a challenge at any time. An economy at near-full employment, combined with a chronic shortage of medical professionals and a surge in the number of elderly patients who typically consume the most medical and dental care, can make staffing a nightmare for growing practices.

Many of these scenarios assume you’re a doctor, dentist, or other medical practitioner with a private practice. We certainly don’t want to ignore the needs of med-tech, biotech, medical supply, medical equipment, long-term care, chiropractic, physical therapy, veterinary, or other  medical or healthcare businesses.

We’re proud to support healthcare businesses of all sorts and sizes, no matter how they operate within the healthcare industry.

Healthcare might be classified as a service industry, but it’s not an industry you can dive into without serious capital support. Equipment and qualified personnel are always needed, and neither tends to come cheaply.

Talk to Amerifi today if you’re ready to start or expand your healthcare business.

If you’re an American or Canadian medical professional, we can help make your business dreams a reality so you can create better health and lifestyle outcomes for your patients and customers.

How it works


Loan Amounts

Up to $20 milion


Time to Fund

1 day to 4 weeks


Term lengths

3 months to 5 years


Interest rates

5.49% and up

Why choose Amerifi business funding?

  • Fast to fund (as fast as one day!)
  • Works for businesses with limited history
  • Works for small business owners with bad credit
  • Good for addressing one-time issues
  • Gives you the resources to scale
  • Use funds to handle any business need

If you have...


Time in business

3 months or more



$10,000 per month ($120,000 in annual revenue)


Credit score


You could be eligible for small business funding today!

Medical businesses often benefit from the following types of business loan options:


A line of credit is a flexible form of small business funding that can be accessed anytime and for any amount up to the limit of your credit line.

Any money withdrawn from your business credit line must be repaid on a monthly or weekly basis over a renewable one-year period. Interest is only calculated on, and you’ll only need to repay, the amount you’ve accessed.

A business line of credit is often a good option for healthcare businesses that occasionally need large amounts of capital to improve their revenue, operations, or both.

If know you’ll need a lot of money, but you’re not sure when, a line of credit can provide you with the peace of mind to keep building for the future rather than hoarding money for contingencies. Cyclical or seasonal healthcare businesses also make good candidates for lines of credit.

A credit line’s limit will grow with your business, providing access to greater resources to address larger needs.

A business line of credit tends to come with a much higher limit than consumer credit cards. Healthcare professionals whose businesses have strong histories and revenues may be eligible for as much as $20 million in business credit.

Amerifi offers several varieties of business credit, including one-year fully amortized credit and interest-only lines.


Term loans are frequently used to cover major (and somewhat predictable) expenses.

These might include equipment additions or upgrades, implementing new software-based technology, undertaking major marketing or patient outreach efforts, and consolidating the higher-interest debts you’ve already accumulated in the course of building your business.

You’ll easily recognize the “terms” of term loans. You’ll usually repay your term loan on a monthly basis for anywhere between one and five years.

A term loan is one of the least expensive forms of business funding, with one of the lowest interest rates available. If you’re a healthcare professional with great personal credit, you might be able to get a term loan with much lower interest than you’re paying on your credit cards. Secured term loans are available up to $20 million, and up to $400,000 is available through unsecured term loans.

We often approve applications for unsecured term loans within three business days.

A secured term loan might take between two and four weeks to process and fund, but that’s still much faster than Small Business Administration (SBA) loans. You’re not likely to get an SBA loan in less than 90 days, and you might wind up waiting more than a year to get SBA funds.


Doctors, drugmakers, and dentists (and plenty of other healthcare businesses that don’t start with the letter D) all need equipment to serve patients safely, comfortably, and effectively.

This equipment might be as simple as an examination table or as complex as a pharmaceutical manufacturing line. You’re bound to need a big chunk of change to purchase equipment for your healthcare business, no matter what it does.

Equipment loans are available up to $2 million and are secured by the equipment you’re acquiring. We rarely require lots of paperwork to qualify you for equipment loans. In certain situations, you may not need to supply financial or bank statements at all. The interest rates, payment periods, and repayment terms (12 to 60 months) of equipment financing are similar to what you’ll get for an auto loan.

You can also lease equipment in similar fashion, though these leases tend to be structured to allow you to purchase the equipment for a nominal fee after the lease term ends.


Invoice factoring allows you to effectively sell unpaid invoices from verified patients or customers.

We’ll pay most of the outstanding invoice balance and also assume responsibility for collecting the rest of the balance. We earn our fees by collecting what you’re owed, which means you won’t have to worry about repaying anything.

Invoice factoring can help smooth out your cash flows when you might be waiting months for insurers to pay for patient treatments, or for clients to take delivery of your products.

This funding option gets you the money you’re already owed, freeing you to grow your business while someone else takes care of collections. However, you’ll need to be willing to give up control of your collections process, and allow a lender to interact directly with patients, insurers, or customers.

Before finalizing an invoice factoring agreement, it’s often a good idea to inform anyone with unpaid bills about the change-over.


Some healthcare businesses, particularly those that supply large organizations such as schools, hospitals, or state or federal government agencies, may find themselves dependent on a small pool of high-value accounts.

Properly supplying these organizations can involve a lot of upfront outlays for materials, equipment, technology, and/or operations. If you’re paying up front to make stuff, but you won’t get paid until you deliver that stuff weeks or months later, purchase order financing can help you obtain what you need to keep your customers happy and your business growing.


Working capital, sometimes called a business cash advance, can be good sources of startup funding for healthcare businesses, or for healthcare professionals with bad credit.

Working capital is often used to cover near-term payables or bills or address minor emergencies and unexpected costs. You’ll repay a cash advance every weekday or every week, and the term on your loan can range from three months to two years.

We’ve provided working capital to many small business owners without the need to process any personal or business collateral, and we can sometimes skip the need for a personal guarantee as well. We’ve funded healthcare entrepreneurs with credit scores as low as 450, or those who have companies reporting as little as three months of business history.

Most Amerifi working capital applications can be funded within one business day.