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Construction business loans from Amerifi

Construction business loans from Amerifi

Get the capital you need to grow and thrive.

Construction companies face many challenges…



A strong economy makes it harder to hire the workforce you need.



Demand, trade, availability, and even weather can impact your costs.



Is your software and equipment up to date?



It can take a long time between starting a job and getting paid for it.

Amerifi helps construction businesses like yours

with a range of small business loans and business funding solutions tailored to help contractors and other construction firms meet and overcome their unique challenges.

Today’s construction industry looks very different than the construction industry of ten years ago.

Uncontrolled lending once created the hottest real estate market in a century, and construction companies grew rapidly to keep up with demand for remodeling and new construction.

But when the bubble burst, thousands of construction companies of all sizes failed across North America, leaving millions of skilled tradesmen and contractors without work.

Thankfully, those days are over.

However, many skilled construction laborers changed careers over the past decade to keep their bills paid and families fed in the years when there wasn’t any construction work to be found.

Fewer people work in the construction industry today than did in 2007 at the height of the real estate boom.

Those with the right skills have less competition for jobs and can often demand higher pay, but you'll have to find a skilled laborer who’s looking for work in the first place.

Small business owners in every industry have grappled with the challenge of finding qualified, talented, and motivated employees in recent years, and construction company owners are no different.

To make things more difficult, it’s no longer as easy as it once was to buy a house or start a construction project on a bank’s dime.

Those years of debt-driven overbuilding wound up causing years of underbuilding, and big losses from subprime loans caused banks to tighten their purse strings, locking millions out of the American dream of home ownership.

Millions of households and businesses across North America now need places to live and work, and for many, those places either don’t exist yet or aren’t up-to-date with the latest advances in safety and design.

Today’s construction industry also grapples with rising material costs, which spiked in 2018.

This has been tough for many construction companies to absorb, as recent reports show costs grew more than twice as much as construction companies were able to raise their billed costs for many common projects. Everything costs more, but your customers are still looking to save every cent, which makes it harder than ever to keep your often razor-slim profit margins positive.

Advances in technology and smarter building techniques allow innovative construction businesses to do more with less, but implementing these technologies and techniques is rarely cheap or easy.

Getting your business on the cutting edge is expensive, and it can’t typically be absorbed within the invoiced cost of a project. When most of your cash flow is going towards payroll, materials, equipment, and other essential line items, how can you carve out the capital to make important upgrades?

You’re not alone in facing these challenges, but you don’t have to face them without help.

Amerifi has helped construction companies of all sizes handle today’s challenges and reach tomorrow’s goals with construction loans and other financing products. How can we help you today?

How it works



Up to $20 milion



1 day to 4 weeks



3 months to 5 years



5.49% and up

Why choose Amerifi business funding?

  • Fast approvals (as fast as one day!)
  • Works for businesses with limited history
  • Works for business owners with bad personal credit
  • Excellent rates available for great personal credit
  • Many options require no personal guarantee
  • Helps you handle unexpected issues
  • Gives you the resources you need to scale
  • Use funds to handle any business need
  • Flexible repayment options

If you have...



3 months or more



$10,000 per month ($120,000 in annual revenue)




You could be eligible for small business funding today!

Construction businesses often benefit from the following types of business loans and financing options:


A business line of credit is similar to the credit you’ll get with an American Express card.

You’ll have a certain amount of available capital that you can utilize at any time, in any amount, up to your credit limit. Any interest you’ll pay will only be due on the amount you’ve withdrawn, and you can renew the credit line, effectively keeping it open indefinitely, as long as your business remains creditworthy.

Your company can also increase its limit as it builds its business credit.

One key difference between a business line of credit and a consumer credit card is the much higher credit limits you’ll be able to access if your company is creditworthy. Established businesses with large cash flows may be able to access a line of credit worth millions of dollars.

Amerifi offers several options for businesses seeking a line of credit, including lines that fully amortize in one year and interest-only credit lines.


A term loan is Amerifi’s most “bank-like” financing product, and its structure should be familiar to anyone who’s applied for a bank loan or mortgage.

Term loans are named for their defined repayment terms, which can be set from one to five years, and for their more standard monthly payment schedule.

A term loan may be secured or unsecured, with higher borrowing limits available for secured loans.

Term loans also come with lower interest rates than many other business financing products, and well-qualified construction business owners can see term loan interest rates as low as the interest rates on their mortgages.

Amerifi can fund businesses with up to $20 million through secured term loans.

This combination of large funding amounts, low interest rates, and longer repayment terms makes a term loan a good option to address major business expenditures, such as a company-wide technology upgrade; purchasing new machinery or equipment; implementing of hiring or training programs to improve workforce quality; adding or upgrading office space (including portable office space such as jobsite construction trailers); or consolidating high-interest debts into a single more affordable repayment.

Term loans are typically available to more established construction businesses with stronger financial histories for both the company and its owners.

Most unsecured Amerifi term loans are approved within three business days of application, and can be funded within three to five days of signing and processing all necessary loan documents. Secured term loans require additional documentation, and verifying this information can result in a longer loan processing time. However, it's very rare for an Amerifi term loan application to take more than four weeks to process, which is much faster than the three-month minimum you'll be waiting to hear back about you Small Business Administration (SBA) loan.


Heavy machinery and complex specialty equipment can cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, even if you’re trying to save money by buying used.

That makes equipment financing a popular business funding option for many construction companies when purchasing equipment, because you simply can’t risk doing the job with substandard (or no) tools.

Not only is good equipment necessary to get the job done right, it can also provide a much safer environment for your workforce. This reduces your liability costs and lowers the risk of having a worker’s compensation claim filed against your business.

Equipment financing terms will be familiar to anyone who’s taken out a car loan.

Up to $2 million is available with no company financial statements required for the application, as your financing is secured by the equipment itself. This financing product offers reasonable interest rates for monthly repayment terms of anywhere from 12 to 60 months.


Invoice factoring is a form of financing based on your accounts receivables.

With this funding option, a factoring company will effectively purchase your outstanding invoices from verified customers, pay you most of the balance up front, and take over the process of collecting any remaining payments due.

You won’t owe us anything when you obtain invoice factoring, because we earn our fees by collecting what you’ve billed directly from your customers.

A similar type of funding, invoice financing, allows you to continue collecting from your customers. This can give you more control over your relationships and messaging, but it may carry higher rates than factoring because a financing company will generally put more trust in its own ability to collect on unpaid invoices and other debts.

The long period of time between contract signing and completion for many projects makes invoice factoring a great financing choice for many construction companies.

We’ll take the hassle of invoicing and collections off your hands and give you the capital you need to tackle your active projects and build your construction business.


Getting a contract from the government can transform a construction company’s fortunes, but only if they have the means to fulfill it.

Amerifi can help you handle big government projects with secured financing based on your total contract value, or via unsecured financing for companies that just need need some additional capital to handle the project.


Working capital, sometimes called a business cash advance, is one of the fastest, easiest, and most general-purpose loans you can get for your business.

Working capital typically requires no personal or business collateral, and we can often fund working capital advances within one business day of receiving an application.

Because of their fast time to fund and low documentation requirements, this type of financing is often a good choice for construction companies with limited business history, or that have owners with poor personal credit scores.

Working capital is best suited for addressing immediate business needs, such as payroll, materials purchases, and other near-term payables and bills.

Due to its role as a fast and short term funding option, working capital is typically repayable on a daily (weekday) or weekly basis, with terms ranging from three months to two years.


Several forms of Amerifi business funding can be secured by business assets or receivables for funding amounts up to $20 million.

Your company’s inventory, accounts receivables, equipment, real estate, or other assets can be used as collateral, and there are different financing options available for different types of assets.

Secured loans from Amerifi are processed much faster, and typically come with far less stringent requirements, than similar back-backed secured financing.

SBA loans can take as much as a year to process, and few will fund before 90 days. Amerifi secured loans, on the other hand, typically fund in no more than two to four weeks.


A line of credit and a term loan can both be offered as secured or unsecured business loans.

A cash advance, on the other hand, is almost always unsecured. Its success relies on the strength of your business and the health of your credit, rather than your ownership of any business assets or receivables, to guarantee the funds.

Unsecured term loans are available in amounts up to $1 million for construction companies with sufficient cash flow and business or owner credit records.