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Get a restaurant business loan from Amerifi

Get a restaurant business loan from Amerifi

Get the capital you need to grow and thrive.

Restaurant owners face many challenges…


Fickle Diners

Yelp makes it harder than ever to build a loyal customer base.


Tight Margins

There’s little room for error in the restaurant industry.



A stronger economy makes it harder to keep good employees.



Staying compliant is about much more than keeping the place clean.

Amerifi helps restaurant owners like you

with a range of restaurant loans and other business funding solutions for restaurants, giving you the resources to address your biggest challenges.

You know why McDonald’s is so successful?

It’s not because its burgers are the best in the world. It’s because McDonald’s is very, very good at streamlining and optimizing the complex operations of a busy restaurant.

But mostly, it’s because McDonald’s owns the real estate underneath its franchisees’ restaurants.

Odds are, you’re not trying to be the next McDonald’s. You know today’s diners aren’t as easily swayed by mass-produced burgers as they once were.

When every restaurant in driving distance is searchable and easily reviewed on Google and Yelp, a successful restaurant has to be good before anything else. You need good food, good presentation, and good customer service just to have a hope of standing out. To really thrive, you’ve got to be great at all those things.

A great restaurant begins with a great staff, and it’s no easy feat to retain good cooks, servers, managers, and others in an economy with record-low unemployment.

Competition is fierce for the restaurant workforce, so you may find yourself offering higher pay than ever before just to keep enough people on the floor and in the kitchen to take care of your guests. There’s not much wiggle room in a restaurant’s margins to raise pay rates.

If only it were easy to bring in enough diners to pay your team’s salary.

The restaurant industry is so ultra-competitive that even McDonald’s has had to improve its menu recently. Upscale burger joints are popping up everywhere, leading the fast-casual charge to better food on a budget.

If your restaurant is in any reasonably-sized metro area, you’re likely to have a whole grab bag of close competitors in your niche, not to mention competitors offering nearly every other popular cuisine in the world besides.

Getting people in the door begins with strong branding and active marketing, and that costs money and time, especially if you want to do it right

You could use technology to improve your results. Online marketing can be a cost-effective way to get the word out, and there are many ways to track the performance of your campaigns. But you probably got into the business to make great food and delight your customers, not fiddle with data analytics and complex hardware.

Effective use of today’s restaurant tech often requires the help of outside experts, and they don’t come cheap.

Let’s say you’ve figured all that stuff out already. You’re doing great! You want to expand, maybe start a chain or franchise.

But that means you’ll be opening more restaurants, and you remember how expensive it was to get started with the first one. You might get some economies of scale on your supplies and inventory, but equipping, staffing, and promoting a new restaurant in a new place is always going to cost a lot of money, no matter how big you get. That’s why restaurant franchise fees usually start at a quarter million dollars per location and end up much higher.

You don’t have time to do everything yourself while trying to build your restaurant, but you might not have a ton of resources to properly address your biggest challenges.

That’s where we come in. If you need business funding to build a better restaurant, talk to Amerifi. We’ll help you find the restaurant loan or financing you need to succeed.

How it works


Loan Amounts

Up to $20 milion


Time to Fund

1 day to 4 weeks


Term lengths

3 months to 5 years


Interest rates

5.49% and up

Why choose Amerifi business funding?

  • Fast to fund (as fast as one day!)
  • Works for businesses with limited history
  • Works for small business owners with bad credit
  • Good for addressing one-time issues
  • Gives you the resources to scale
  • Use funds to handle any business need

If you have...


Time in business

3 months or more



$10,000 per month ($120,000 in annual revenue)


Credit score


You could be eligible for a small business loan for your restaurant today!

Restaurants often benefit from the following types of business loan options:


A line of credit works similarly to a credit card, except it only goes straight to your business bank account rather than paying anyone directly.

You can withdraw from your credit line at any time, in any amount, up to your limit. Like a credit card, you’ll only pay interest on what you’ve withdrawn.

A credit line can be renewed every year and its limit will grow as your business builds credit and makes more sales.

Restaurants with cyclical or seasonal customer traffic can take advantage of a credit line to handle temporary revenue shortfalls until the cycle picks up again.

A business line of credit often has much higher credit limits than consumer credit. Restaurants and chains with good business histories and strong revenues may be eligible for credit lines of up to $20 million.

Amerifi offers several funding options for restaurants that need business credit, including one-year amortized credit and interest-only lines of credit.


Term loans have longer repayment terms, ranging from one to five years, and are repaid monthly rather than daily or weekly, as is typical of many other alternative sources of business funding. Term loans also have lower interest rates than many other forms of restaurant financing.

Small business owners with excellent credit and business histories are eligible for APRs as low as the APRs on their mortgages.

Term loans are often good choices to pay for major business expenditures, like technology upgrades, location upgrades or expansions, machinery or equipment purchases, significant hiring and/or employee training plans, or consolidating existing high-interest debts.

Term loans can be secured or unsecured, with up to $20 million available through secured term loans.

Unsecured term loans are often approved within three business days of starting the loan application process, while secured term loans can take two to four weeks. This is much faster than Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, which require detailed documentation such as a business plan and several years’ worth of tax returns, rarely process in less than 90 days and can often take more than a year to fully fund.


Restaurants need plenty of equipment to keep things running smoothly.

You might need new ranges, refrigerators, margarita mixers, or even Big Ass fans (this is a real company that makes some excellent big-assed commercial fans) to cool your restaurant or its patio.

Technology -- hardware and software -- can also count as new equipment if it’s costly, since this term covers any sort of high-value durable asset you plan to use for a long time.

Equipment financing looks much like a car loan, and like cars, expensive equipment can also be leased for several years.

Up to $2 million is available, secured against the equipment itself. You rarely need to provide extensive documentation for an equipment loan, and in some cases, you may not need to supply business financials at all. Equipment financing typically comes with reasonable interest rates, requires monthly payments, and carries terms that range from 12 to 60 months.


Your company’s inventory, accounts receivables, equipment, real estate, or other assets can be used as collateral for a secured loan. Most of these asset types have distinct financing options tailored to fit the situation.

Amerifi secured loans are processed much faster, and come with easier approval requirements, than bank loans or an SBA loan.


A merchant cash advance allows many restaurants to "cash in" on their daily sales by securing the funds with credit card processing volumes.

With a merchant cash advance, your business trades part of its daily credit card revenue for larger amounts of immediate capital. Your repayment typically comes from a percentage of each daily batch of transactions.

The interest rate on a merchant cash advance is determined by business risk and credit card processing volumes. This form of funding can have a short-term or long-term repayment schedule, ranging from three months to two years.

Restaurants with clear paths to growth can get more from merchant cash advances. You’ll find it much easier to offset the reduced daily revenues the funds help you add new revenue quickly.


Working capital, or a business cash advance, is fast and easy to obtain.

Working capital can often be obtained without personal or business collateral, or even without a personal guarantee. Most working capital will fund within 24 hours of applying.

Working capital, with its fast time to fund and low documentation requirements, is often well-suited for newer restaurants or entrepreneurs with weaker credit scores. It's typically used to take care of urgently-needed expenses, like the next payroll, last-minute inventory or equipment purchases, and other near-term payables or bills.

You’ll repay this funding daily (every weekday) or weekly, for anywhere from three months to two years.


Working capital and merchant cash advances are almost always unsecured, but term loans and lines of credit may be unsecured as well.

Your business and credit health are the primary considerations for us when determining your available capital and interest rates.

Restaurants with strong cash flows and better credit histories (both business and personal credit) can receive unsecured term loans in amounts up to $500,000.