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Get a retail business loan from Amerifi

Get a retail business loan from Amerifi

Get the capital you need to grow and thrive

Retail businesses have many challenges…


Brand Visibility

Your business can’t build customer loyalty if no one knows about it.


Inventory Costs

Your suppliers are charging more, but your customers still want bargains.


Hiring + Training

A strong economy makes it harder to hire the people you need.



Connected customers demand seamless experiences.

Amerifi helps retailers like yours

with a range of small business loans and business funding solutions tailored to help you meet and overcome your unique challenges.

The internet has changed the game for retailers around the world.

It’s no longer enough to compete with other nearby retail stores. Your customers know that every imaginable product can be found online and ordered with a few clicks, so if you can’t provide people with a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience, they’ll look elsewhere.

Retail business owners must be ready to meet the needs of consumers who demand more with any sale than ever before. It doesn’t matter what you sell or where you sell it, but it does matter that you give people good reasons to shop, buy, and come back for more. To do that effectively, you need so much more than some inventory and a couple of cashiers or an ecommerce storefront.

Shopping begins with a search, even at the local level, which makes it critical for your retail business to be found. In fact, four in five consumers will use a search engine to find local retail information before making a purchase. Nearly half the people who come to your retail store will research alternative retailers while they’re looking at your stuff!

If you’ve got an ecommerce store, it’s likely that nearly half the traffic to your website will be checking you out because they found your site with a Google search.

In order to make sales, your retail business must be visible online when potential customers look for the sort of products you sell. You can try to make yourself visible with search engine optimization (SEO), local listings, or through online paid ads.

There are many ways to become visible as a retailer, but unfortunately, none of them are cheap or easy to do right, including local listings. After all, what good is a Yelp profile if your customers keep leaving bad reviews?

Becoming a top-rated retailer requires a great customer experience, and you can’t rely on your workforce to delight customers and provide top-notch customer service if you don’t hire and train for this critical skill set. You need a great hiring process and you’ve got to have a way to train your workforce to do the right things at the right times to keep customers happy and coming back for more.

Many connected consumers now expect ongoing communication with their preferred retail brands as well.

That might involve sending updates on your latest sales, or providing customer service channels to answer questions and solve problems around the clock. This communication extends to ecommerce shipments, as buyers will want to know when their orders are arriving, and if necessary, how to return them.

All this communication requires a lot of technology, and an effective omnichannel customer experience solution is often quite costly.

Even if you’ve already handled all these critical issues, you’ve still got to contend with consumers who demand the best price and won’t care if your suppliers have begun charging you more for inventory. Staying competitive if your costs rise might be tough to handle if you’re not financially equipped for it.

You’re not alone in facing these challenges, but you don’t have to face them without help.

Amerifi has helped retailers of all sizes handle today’s challenges and reach tomorrow’s goals with a range of business loan options and other financing products. How can we help you today?

How it works


Loan Amounts

Up to $20 milion


Time to Fund

1 day to 4 weeks


Term lengths

3 months to 5 years


Interest rates

5.49% and up

Why choose Amerifi business funding?

  • Fast to fund (as fast as one day!)
  • Works for businesses with limited history
  • Works for small business owners with bad credit
  • Good for addressing one-time issues
  • Gives you the resources to scale
  • Use funds to handle any business need

If you have...


Time in business

3 months or more



$10,000 per month (annual revenue of $120,000)


Credit score


You could be eligible for small business funding today!

Retail businesses often benefit from the following types of business loans and financing options:


A business line of credit provides your business with a certain amount of available capital. You can tap this line at any time, in any amount, up to your credit limit. Interest is due only on the amount you’ve taken out of your credit line, similarly to the terms on your personal credit cards.

A credit line can be renewed every year, which means your business could keep it open indefinitely. Your limit can increase as your business becomes more creditworthy and its revenue grows.

One key difference between a business line of credit and a consumer credit card is the much higher credit limits you’ll be able to access. Businesses with sizable cash flows can take advantage of lines of credit that can make millions of dollars available at any time.

Retailers with cyclical busy seasons can take advantage of a credit line to handle temporary revenue shortfalls until the cycle picks up again. Amerifi offers several options for businesses seeking a line of credit, including lines that fully amortize in one year and interest-only business credit lines.


A term loan is our most “bank-like” form of funding.

Its structure will be familiar to anyone who’s applied for a bank loan or mortgage. Term loans are named for their defined repayment terms, which range from one to five years, and for their more monthly payment schedules.

A term loan may be secured or unsecured, but much higher borrowing limits -- up to $20 million -- are available when the loan is secured.

Term loans bear lower interest rates than many other forms business financing. Established retailers may be eligible for term loan APRs as low as the APRs on their owners’ mortgages.

The combination of large funding amounts, low APRs, and longer repayment terms makes term loans ideal for major business expenditures, such as technology upgrades, store upgrades or expansions, machinery or equipment purchases, significant hiring and/or employee training plans, or consolidating high-interest debts.

Term loans better suited for more established retailers that have stronger owner and business financial histories.

Unsecured term loans are often approved within three business days of application, while secured term loans can take two to four weeks. That’s a lot faster than most Small Business Administration or SBA loans, which rarely process in less than 90 days, and can often take more than a year to fully fund.


Invoice factoring is based on accounts receivables.

With this funding option, a lender “buys” your outstanding invoices from verified customers, providing funds matching the total invoice balance, less assessed processing and servicing fees. With factoring, lenders also assume responsibility for collecting any outstanding balances.

You won’t owe us anything after you obtain invoice factoring, and you won’t have to chase your customers for unpaid bills.

This type of funding is best-suited for retailers with big-ticket inventory, particularly if the business is built around inventory with uneven seasonal demand.

We’ll take the hassle of invoicing and collections off your hands and give you the capital you need to tackle your active projects and build your retail empire.


Some retailers serve high-volume accounts, but keeping your biggest customers happy can be tough when they want more stuff than you can immediately afford.

If you need to pay COD for large volumes of inventory or other supplies, but you won’t get paid until you deliver them to the customer, you can get the capital for your suppliers with purchase order financing.


Your company’s inventory, accounts receivables, equipment, real estate, or other assets can be used as collateral for a secured loan. Different assets may be eligible for different financing options, most of which are covered elsewhere in this list.

Amerifi secured loans are processed much faster, and can subject you to less stringent approval requirements, than similar back-backed secured financing options.


Working capital, sometimes called a business cash advance, is one of the fastest, easiest, and most general-purpose types of financing you can obtain. Working capital doesn’t typically require personal or business collateral, and you can receive funding as soon as 24 hours after submitting your application.

Because of this fast processing time and low documentation requirements, working capital is a good option for retail companies with limited business history, or that have owners with poor personal credit scores.

Working capital is best suited for immediate business needs, such as next week’s payroll, critical inventory purchases, and other near-term payables and bills.

Working capital is typically repayable on a daily (weekday) or weekly basis, with repayment lengths ranging from three months to two years.


Most retailers don’t sell products with high enough ticket prices to be approved for invoice factoring.

For many retailers, a merchant cash advance can be a more attainable form of financing, and it’s also based on your receivables. Instead of unpaid invoices, your funds are secured by your credit card processing volumes.

Repaying merchant cash advances is a fairly straightforward process.

A lender will take payment with a percentage of each daily batch of transactions. The interest rate is determined by business risk and credit card processing volumes, similarly to how high-earning people with great credit scores can access credit cards with lower APRs.

With a merchant cash advance, your business trades part of its daily revenue for a much larger amount of upfront capital.

A merchant cash advance can have a short-term or long-term repayment schedule, with term lengths from three months to two years. This tends to work well for retailers that have a clear path to growth. You’ll find it much easier to offset the reduced daily revenues if you can use the funds to quickly add new revenue.


Working capital and term loans are both offered as unsecured business loans. A business line of credit may also be unsecured.

The success of unsecured business loans relies on the strength of your business and the health of your credit, rather than interest in any business assets, to guarantee the funds.

Unsecured term loans are available up to $500,000 for retailers with sufficient cash flow and business or owner credit records.