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Get a business term loan from Amerifi

Get a business term loan from Amerifi

Build for the long term with funding tailored for successful businesses.

How it works



$20,000 to $20 million



3 days to 4 weeks



1 to 5 years (renewable)



8% and up

Amerifi helps businesses like yours

with business term loans structured to reward sucessful businesses with high loan values at reasonable rates, funded far faster than similar bank loans.

Years ago, you decided to make the leap to become an entrepreneur. Since then, you’ve poured your energy, your money, and the best of your abilities into growing your business.

Now, it’s clear to see that your hard work is starting to pay off. But...

Even the best, strongest businesses can run into problems that can’t be solved with cash on hand.

You might need to pay suppliers, buy equipment, manufacture products, hire staff, fulfill major orders, secure more space for your workforce, or anything else.

Some entrepreneurs resort to truly desperate measures to keep enough money in the bank to get through the week.

The founder of FedEx, for example, literally gambled his future in the early 1970s by heading to Las Vegas with the last of his company’s money after a bank denied his loan application.

He won, of course, but imagine if he hadn’t. You’ve probably used FedEx for your business. If it weren’t for a very lucky and lifesaving $5,000 bet on a random Vegas blackjack table, you might have never heard of FedEx at all.

You don’t need to gamble your business' future to get the capital you need for critical expenses.

If Amerifi had existed back in the 1970s, FedEx could have come to us instead of a bank. Its assets -- aircraft, warehouses, and trucks -- would have helped us secure a term loan for FedEx, and we would have been able to get the company its funds faster than a bank, too.

If you’re an ambitious small business owner with a track record of success, you should be considering getting a small business term loan from Amerifi instead of going to a bank.

A term loan is a familiar form of business financing that anyone who’s taken out a mortgage or car loan should understand. Here’s how a term loan works:

  • It can be secured or unsecured
  • It’s available to businesses with 2+ years of operating history
  • It’s typically a fixed-rate loan, starting at an 8% interest rate
  • It involves monthly payments made over a set period of time:
    • short-term loans for one year
    • to long-term loans of five years

There are some key differences between getting a term loan from Amerifi and going through banks for the same form of funding.

For one thing, you’ll get your capital much faster. An unsecured term loan can be processed in as little as three business days, while a secured term loan, which can be backed by all sorts of business assets, is typically processed in two to four weeks.

If you’ve ever tried to apply for a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan, you probably had to wait for months to get a decision, and these decisions are often not favorable.

Only about a quarter of all businesses applying for bank loans will be approved, and the SBA loan process takes anywhere from three months to more than a year. When you’ve got bills coming due or big projects to set in motion, you won’t have that kind of time to wait around.

Term loans provide a lump sum that can be used for any business purpose.

Other funding options are often tied to a specific action, like buying equipment or paying suppliers, but businesses with more wide-ranging operations are likely to have multiple things to pay for.

Since business cash flow is a key consideration for lenders when structuring your loan, you’ll be presented with options that the lender believes will not only be immediately beneficial, but which can also be readily repaid out of current and anticipated future cash flows.

Because term loans are both unrestricted in use and can be funded with some of the largest amounts available to small business owners, the qualifications for this funding option are typically more stringent than most of our other products.

Your personal credit score is likely to be a factor, particularly when applying for an unsecured term loan, and you’re unlikely to receive funding if you haven’t been paying your credit cards or if you’ve already racked up a ton of debt.

Your business should also have two years of consistent operating history, and you’ll be expected to provide somewhat more documentation than you might need for some other forms of business funding. However, the effort can easily be worth it for established businesses in need of capital.

Is a term loan right for your business? Don’t wait months just to have your SBA loan application rejected. Click below to start the funding process, and we’ll get right to work to help you today!

A term loan often works well for these types of businesses:


Established construction companies with a solid book of business are often eligible for term loans.

The nature of construction typically involves taking on significant costs before completing a job and receiving full payment for your work. While you’re getting things done, your bills will keep piling up.

If you’re trying to grow through sales and marketing at the same time, or if you need to buy equipment and supplies to handle a project’s needs, or if you need to hire more skilled labor -- whatever you need, you can fund it with a term loan.

Specialized contractors often need to undertake major marketing efforts to stand out from the local crowd of competitors. Term loans can help you hire marketers, run paid campaigns, and pay your sales staff their promised upfront commissions while you wait for customer payments to process.

Unlike many other funding options with high limits, a term loan allows you to cover all your construction business’ expenses while pushing forward to the next stage of growth.

Not sure if a term loan is right for your construction company? Check out our construction business resource page for more funding options and business loans.


When you’re a manufacturer, you rarely have just one urgent expense.

The cost of raw materials and other inputs is always there. However, you’ve also got to buy and maintain equipment, pay staff salaries, ensure your staff can work on a safe and adequately spacious production floor, pay utility and tax bills, and -- in many cases -- promote your products to wholesalers, retailers, or end users.

Manufacturing businesses, like construction companies, have many moving parts must be well-lubricated with money to function properly.

While there are other funding options to address specific parts, a term loan gives you the resources and the flexibility to handle everything at once.

Term loans can also give manufacturers with “chunky” revenue the ability to manage their finances and expenses more efficiently than some other funding options.

Not sure if a term loan is right for your manufacturing company? Check out our manufacturing business resource page for more funding options and business loans.


There are many reasons why a medical or healthcare business might need a term loan.

Medical professionals like doctors, dentists, chiropractors, or veterinarians all need space, equipment, staff, and marketing.

A medical practice looking to expand will need a lot of capital to add all these things to a new location, and even simply growing a practice in one place can be cost-intensive up front.

Healthcare manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers also need capital to address the above-mentioned needs, but they’ll also need to pay for materials and supplies and shipping to get things put together and ready for customers.

And you’re bound to need to tackle a wide range of legal mandates and requirements to ensure compliance with any relevant national, state, and local regulations governing your healthcare business, whether your business model focuses on treating patients or making MRI machines.

A term loan can give you the resources you need to do all these things at once so you can focus on growth, not on keeping too many balls in the air.

Not sure if a term loan is right for your medical business? Check out our healthcare business resource page for more funding options and business loans.


Few businesses can involve as many different expenses as retail businesses.

There’s payroll, rent, inventory, equipment, marketing, logistics, and (in many cases) ongoing technology development on top of everything else.

Retail is fiercely competitive, and all but the most fully outsourced ecommerce businesses will need to stay on top of most or all of those expenses at the same time.

Many business funding options can help retailers cover one or two of these costs. However, it does little good to pay for another batch of inventory if customers don’t know you’ve got it because you’ve got no money for advertising, or if you’ve got no one to help them make their purchases because you can’t bring on enough staff.

A term loan, with longer repayment terms, more modest interest rates, and few restrictions on your use of the funds, is often the funding option of choice for established retailers with big ambitions.

Not sure if a term loan is right for your retail company? Check out our retail business resource page for more funding options and business loans.


Successful restaurants are capital-intensive businesses.

Once you’ve finally got everything running like a well-oiled machine, what’s next? Will you expand your seating area by taking over the space next door? Thinking of adding another location, with a brand-new concept and a whole new approach to branding? Maybe your business is working so well that it’s starting to attract interest from other restaurateurs interested in franchising your brilliant idea.

Restaurant businesses in expansion mode can often benefit from term loans.

You can expand your footprint, secure new real estate, hire specialists to scale your marketing or develop a franchising plan, or anything else.

A term loan can also help upgrade an existing restaurant with better equipment, better seating, and better staff training programs. The things you can do with your term loan are limited only by your imagination and ambition.

Not sure if a term loan is right for your restaurant? Check out our restaurant business resource page for more funding options and business loans.

Advantages of a business term loan

  • Flexibility (use funds for any business need).
  • Easier and faster application process than similar bank loans.
  • Longer loan terms than most other options.
  • Lower interest rates than most other options.
  • Large amounts available.
  • Often has no prepayment penalty or prepayment fee.

Drawbacks of a business term loan

  • Harder to get than other forms of business funding.
  • Requires more business history and a better credit record.
  • Often requires collateral to secure larger amounts.

If you have...



2 years



$10,000+ per month (annual revenue of $120,000)




You could be eligible for up to $20 million in business term loan funding today!